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Vegas, COVID style!

In 2020, my mom turned 70. She decided for her present this year, she wanted to take a trip with both of her kids, separately. I chose the destination of Las Vegas, as it's one of my Mom's favorite places to be. She had two trips cancelled already this year, so it was time to go and make it happen.

If you read about my trip to California, you'll understand why we chose to fly JSX to Las Vegas. The experience and time saved going through TSA or waiting before the flight, it's worth every penny. You would think it would cost a ton more, but in reality since we flew on a weekday, it wasn't too much more expensive. I also have a discount code to offer you $20 off your first flight, use code 5V22TL .

Once we arrived, I arranged private round trip transportation through Presidential Limousine and we had the same driver both ways. This made one less thing to think about, and definitely memorable for my Mom. The driver showed us a great time and we even stopped for champagne on the way to the Bellagio.

The Bellagio had excellent service, and did well managing COVID restrictions. They had people at the entrances who made sure that the public was properly wearing masks. They also had people at the elevators ensuring only guests were going up to the room levels (we had to show a key card.)

Dining was distanced, and that was the only struggle we had. Generally arriving in Vegas it's easy to make dinner reservations at one of the many available restaurants, however this wasn't the case this time. There are many that are closed, and the open ones are all at reduced capacity. We did get into Hell's Kitchen for lunch, and had one of my most memorable meals. The food was on point, and the service was the best I've ever had.

What we didn't realize when booking was the date. The day we arrived was 10/10/20. That meant there were many many brides and grooms around, and wedding parties to go with it. It was fun for people watching, but probably the busiest Vegas has been this entire year!

As always it was memorable, and the great news is Mom came home with more money than she went with, winning at the slots! She calls it "work", I tell her that's likely the first sign of a problem. When the rooms and meals are free, apparently she thinks that's her "salary." Either way, it's all in good fun, and we are so glad we went.

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