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Beaches Turks and Caicos

Imagine getting to vacation with the kids and not having to tell them "no," That's the highlight of this fabulous destination. It was a last minute booking when our cruise was cancelled for the third time. Decided we needed to head to the beach one way or another. We had to expedite passports books for the kids during the pandemic, but it was well worth it. It was my first return to the beach since my quarantine in Negril, and it was spectacular. The kids loved getting all the different foods, all the frozen drinks, and all the activities. We loved that we knew we weren't paying extra for any of it!

We did decide to do some excursions for a little extra, a way to reward our kiddos for going above and beyond with the whole zoom/in person/zoom/mask situation. They were resilient and ended the year well. Amanda picked horseback riding in the ocean, and Drew picked off road island tour. Both were fun, but the horseback riding was really the better of the two! I even saw a sea turtle right next to us in the water.

We walked down the beach to snorkel early in the mornings as advised by a fellow travel agent. We were rewarded with sea turtles sting rays, and Amanda swears she saw a shark...maybe she did! The glass bottom boat and snorkel tours were included so we enjoyed those multiple times. We met some new friends celebrating graduation with their charming son Sal. Smiles for days that kid!!

We had a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach which was pretty amazing. Enjoyed the sunset there and had some adult time. The kids were able to hang out in the room eating burgers and pizza, while watching the entertainment show at the pool!

We all want to go back soon, and we hope to make many more memories at Beaches Turks and Caicos!

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