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2 days in California

After raising a litter of 8 puppies for 8 weeks, I was tired! We were fortunate to deliver two of the boys to California. One in Temecula and one in Santa Clara. I took the opportunity to book a weekend getaway for me and my husband.

We started out the trip by flying JSX, formerly known as Jet Suite. The experience was life changing. We arrived to the terminal which was on the property of Sky Harbor in Phoenix, but off to the side in a large hanger. It was hard to follow instructions and show up only 20 minutes before take off, but we managed to get there 30 minutes prior. Flying with two eight week old puppies is generally a challenge when arriving two hours prior with regular commercial flights. Not with JSX, we checked in, let the puppies out for a quick break, then boarded for our short flight to Burbank.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey, which is right near Venice Beach. There wasn't much open in August as far as tourist attractions and spas, so I booked a truly perfect social distance tour. We drove up to Santa Barbara on the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoyed a private flight tour with Above All Aviation. They had excellent COVID protocols in place, and we enjoyed our time in the air. Our pilot knew the area well, and we had a wonderful time.

Heading back down the PCH at sunset brought us to our dinner reservations. We had the most magnificent views of the coast and a wonderful meal of steak and lobster. Service was spectacular and we couldn't have asked for a better experience.

The Ritz Carlton hospitality was so enjoyable! We loved every minute of our stay there.

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